Exploration of Chawan
In learning about Japanese ceramics and wabi sabi, I’ve learned something more important about modern life and how ceramics and art as a whole could and does affect all aspects of life.
Bernard Leach knew it and Lisa Hammond knows it and so do a myriad of potters and artists around the world who have embraced the aesthetics of the tea ceremony and Zen. It’s that if we were able to sit down and enjoy something as simple as a cup of tea then maybe we could live more fulfilling lives. The way we in the western world strive for perfection, a concept so unobtainable in itself, and then criticise the imperfection that is inevitable is the cause of all the stress that we experience. If we were able to celebrate and find the beauty in imperfection and what time and aging gives to us and the objects we create then we could learn to enjoy ourselves more.
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